Internet has become evil

It is hard to browse the internet through the eyes of a web developer because you don’t see the web like the others do, if you too are a web developer you might know what I am talking about, I am unable to visit a website without starting to look for design flaws rather than focusing on the content but this is really negligible because it can be worse, I am talking about SEO, the day I put my foot in this domain my life on the internet has changed, in fact I started seeing things from a very different perspective which led me to a total loss of taste for reading web content, it has become impossible to read a web article without this feeling of bitterness, you can’t help but notice that something crucial is missing yet the sentences seems well formatted, they still don’t sound natural which makes sens because a tremendous number of web articles are being written according to SEO rules rather than human ituition, if you go for your intuition you probably will achieve a more authentic article than what’s being read now, however that won’t help you reach anyone as far as google is still the primary canal to bring visitors to your article, like almost all websites and blogs 80% of your website visitors would come from google, of course only if you obey to it’s rules, but those rules are so demanding that you’ll find yourself unable to satisfy them without letting go of your authenticity so most of the good writers are turning into WordPress zombies breathing heavily and typing really fast on their keyboards, good writers who refused to surrender are being repressed and left in the last pages of the searches results, and bad writers does have now a strategy to bypass good writers and they’re actually too good at that but for them writing is secondary, this ecosystem seem to maintain itself perfectly well because internet is being populated faster and faster over the years but at which price? quality has deceased immensely since the time, I remember how Internet was like a decade ago, content was more natural, interesting and entertaining, now it looks more like a labyrinth full of disguised bad content traps, I can’t remember how it feels like to read a unique blog article anymore.
I’d like you to consider StraightDeveloper as a safe blog, no article has been written under the rules of the SEO, look by yourself, there’s no more than a title and a paragraph in this article, I might not even be sure that I am respecting the english language rules correctly. What you read is my real thoughts without any filters.

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