Did an employer asked you to sell him your upwork account on freelancer.com?

Fake projects everywhere on freelancer these last years, it becomes hard to determine if a serious client is hiding behind a new project and whether one should invest time and bids on projects posted by new clients.

I used to not miss bidding on projects that are posted by new employers on Freelancer.com as beginner employers are more likely to get in touch with you than the ones who’re used to hire on the platform to understand why let me explain you how things work on Freelancer.com

This is why new employers are more likely to contact you on freelancer.com:

Any employer who’s used to Freelancer.com knows perfectly how hard it is to find the right freelancer for his job, you can write the most clarifying project description, attach screenshots and schemes, mention the right skills, use the most appropriate title and offer the best price for the task yet if you don’t really know what you’re doing there’s big chances you chose the wrong person resulting a lost of money and time, what’s more you end up losing faith in the platform this is because a big majority of people who bids there are not skilled for the job yet they make a proposal and try to convince you just so you award them the project.

Being deceived by many workers, clients ends up being more cautious and less open to communicate, that’s why bidding on their projects is hard because no matter how honest you could be in your bid proposal you’ll end up being put in the same basket as the ones who pretend to be honest or at least think they are.

New employers however still ignore the fact that most bidders are just telling them what they want to hear, that’s why they’re more engaged in communication and usually contact more bidders than usual employers. Yes this could be a bad thing but if by chance you’re an honest freelancer and they come across your bid and decided to trust you then it’s a win-win for both of you, therefore projects that are posted by this category of employers contains often more chances for you to get hired than than the usual ones.

This is why I became less motivated to bid on projects that are posted by new employers

The only thing that used to bother me when I bid on projects from new employers is the fact that they might not be serious, in fact one important criteria to determine if a client is a serious one is to see how many reviews he has and of course the more the number is high the more the client is likely to be serious.

But a new phenomenon is now taking place, more and more fake projects are being posted everyday, nothing suspicious, in fact the project description looks like a normal one, worse, it’s more appealing than the others. At the beginning it looks like a regular project so you bid on it but when the client gets in touch with you he’s asking for something different than what his project description has made you think: I’d like to buy your Upwork account.

Most of the time, as soon as the client (the scammer) gets your first answer he then tries to get in touch with you outside the platform (freelancer) using many strategies.

But why do this people want to buy your upwork account, or pay you to use it, and why you shouldn’t even think about doing it? I’ll provide more details about this very soon but until then here’s how looks like one of the scammer’s proposals:

I am from China and my name is xxxx xxx.

I have a good plan that can help you earn extra money.

I am a talented fullstack engineer and I used to work in UpWork.

As you know, UpWork is a job platform that helps freelancers to find remote jobs.

I used to use my UpWork account to find jobs and I earned 4k~8k USD every month.

Unfortunately, my account has been suspended for some reason and I lost my jobs.

My suggestion is, I use your UpWork account (I can’t create more with my identity because I already used it.) and earn money. And I give you some of it maybe 10% or more. It will be about 0.4k ~ 0.8k depending on the earning amount.

There’s nothing to lose on your side, instead, you can earn extra money without any effort.

If you don’t have an UpWork account, we can create together using TeamViewer, AnyDesk or any other screen sharing application.

It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

Please send me a message if you’re interested.

My skype id: live:.cid.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you,


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